10+ Shocking Stats About YouTube!

10+ Shocking Stats & facts About YouTube - WinfiY crunch
10+ Shocking Stats & facts About YouTube - WinfiY crunch

It’s 2018 & YouTube (“YT”) has come a long way since it’s launch in 2005! As of 2018, 150+ crore people are YT users & they are spread in 90+ countries, about 7 hours of video is uploaded on YT each second, 60% people prefer YT over TV, 100 crore hours of video is watched on YT each day, 70% of the YT traffic is from mobile devices, per visit we spent 40 minutes on YT (on average!), most watched video on YT has over 500+ crore views, the most subscribed channel on YT has 62+ million subscribers & (last but not least) youngest YouTuber (Ryan who is a 6 year old guy) earned $1.1 crore in 2017! Are you shocked? Well, we would like to say: Just use YT wisely!

Source: Wikipedia, The Daily Dot, Fortune Lords, DMR, Photo Thanks: SketchPort.

& YT gets 3 crores of them per day

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