10 Tips For Better Sleep (These Are Super Easy!)

10 Tips For Better Sleep - WinfiY crunch

#1 Go to bed at same time each night #2 Set alarm to buzz at least after 7 hours after you go to sleep #3 At least 4 hours before going to bed, don’t take drinks or food like coffee, tea, spicy foods & other eatables that include caffeine & can keep you awake #4 Exercise regularly but not right before bed time #5 Unplug all your gadgets & tech devices at least an hour before going to bed #6 If you have trouble sleeping at night, avoid naps in daytime #7 Make your bedroom cool & free from noise & lights #8 Follow some calm habits (like reading) just before bedtime to help your mind go in calm mood #9 Make sure you have comfortable mattress & pillows #10 You tell us! Yep! Give your sleeping tip in the comments section!

Source: Sleep Foundation, Live Science, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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