2018 Internet & Social Media Trends Highlights!

Network Digital Internet Data Technology Matrix

About 50% of the world is now online i.e. 360 crore+ people now use internet but at the same time, growth in internet users is getting slow.  Average screen time of a typical U.S. adult has grown from 5.6 hours a day to 5.9 hours a day. Now 13% of all retail purchases happen online & this percentage will grow further (isn’t it a threat to Brick & Mortar stores?). Taxi & car services like Uber are causing people buying fewer cars (beware cars companies!). Social Media is growing all time (no declining trends). Facebook now has 220 crore+ users, Pinterest has 20 crore+, Spotify has 17 crore+ & Netflix has 12.5 crore+ users! Facebook revenue has grown from $16 in 2015 to $34 in 2018! These stats are mind-boggling. What you think?

Source: 2018 Internet Trends Report by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Photo Thanks: Max Pixel.

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