25% of Children Under Six Have Their Own Smartphone & Here Is More Shocking Fact!

25 percent of Children Under Six Have Their Own Smartphone - WinfiY crunch

Yes, you read it right! Now, 1 in 4 children (who are Just 6 years old or younger!) have their own mobile. Most surprising finding is that about 50% of such children spend about 3 hours per day glued to their Smartphone! While 11 is the age which is considered suitable to “deserve” an Smartphone but here we are: 25% parents buying Smartphones for their “so little babies“! Well, we don’t think it’s a right move since 6 or less is not the age where one can understand things and internet connected Smartphone & social media (consider social media bullying for example) can open a world for children which is not suitable for them (Yeah… parental control do exist but still Smartphone is Smartphone! You know that, right?). What you think?

Source: Mirror Online, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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