5+ Surprising Benefits Of Laughter You Might Not Know!

Surprising Benefits Laughter can add to your life - WinfiY crunch

Doctors often say: “laughing is a natural therapy“, “laughter is the best medicine“, et cetera!  Well, considering the benefits of laughing, we can say that these sayings hold true. Research has found that laughing can reduce your stress and increase your short term memory (not long term!). A little laugh at workplaces (take it right!) can enhance the creativity & innovation at work! It can make team work better & promote friendship! Laughing makes you stronger & more patient! Surprising health benefits include heart protection (less heart attach chances), burning calories, less anger & better immune system! Laughter makes you feel good and can help you even live longer. More laugh = More life. Our advise: laugh often, laugh more but sensibly!

Source: Entrepreneur, Help Guide, Photo Thanks: Sketch Port.

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