Idea Behind ‘Minute Crunch’

Everything starts with an idea! Let’s know the idea behind ‘Minute Crunch’…

Deliver ‘Big Information’ in ‘small crunch’ & ‘To Make You Smarter’

[callout]To keep it short, idea behind Minute Crunch – ‘to let you grasp more in less time’ and ‘to make you smartER'[/callout]

We know in the internet world, everyone is ‘smart‘! You too! To be ‘smartER‘, you need to read ‘a lot‘. Reading a lot needs lotS of your time, but you haven’t enough! What can you do? Well, just switch to Minute Crunch!

[callout]Minute Crunch – Spreading knowledge in 60 seconds![/callout]

Minute Crunch compress the big chunk of information provided by countless sources & deliver the compressed yet quality information you need to be ‘smarter‘ in form of ‘very short, summarized, crisp, simple, edutaining & informative one paragraph’ that we dearly call ‘Minute Crunch‘!

We cut the long short! We value your time.

You know, on average, you read only 20% of a typical web page! Why? Well, websites have too long pages for you & who the hell has the time to give ‘couple of minutes to a single piece of information when there is so much on the web you want to read.

You know that you have ‘just’ 24 hours in a day. Time can’t be increased but it can be utilized in a more meaningful way, right? So, what you do is you quickly scan long form content to grasp it in seconds. Well, it’s fine, but it can lead you miss a key aspect of the information you are looking for…

…Here Minute Crunch can be handy. We research long content, reports, info-graphics (& ‘what’s not’) for you and present long information in form of small crunch that you can grasp in under 60 seconds! smartER approach, right?

[callout]60 seconds = 1 Minute Crunch![/callout]

Our readers (hopefully you too!) know that they are getting ‘smartER’ daily with Minute Crunch in-mail stories & our style of ‘Big Information in small crunch.

We serve education with humor! Upgrade your life with ‘Minute Crunch

You are not going to like content that makes you dozing! We create content that improves your life, makes you more informed, knowledgeable & smartER person.

Just start reading Minute Crunch & you will feel the change within you. There is nothing like Minute Crunch (except our copycats!).

We don’t have all the answers.

Yeah… we know that we don’t have every information you need! We are adding more and more to Minute Crunch. Our community is also helping us in our vision to make Minute Crunch a global information platform, so that any person who has 60 seconds free, can turn to Minute Crunch for the information ‘she or he or other’ is looking for.

Got 60 seconds free?

Whether you are in a queue in a coffee shop or waiting at airport or a station, you always have few chunks of free seconds free minutes.

Minute Crunch is the best way to use that time & become smartER! Just go-to Minute Crunch & start reading. 60 seconds = 1 Minute Crunch!

You can help Minute Crunch community!

Like Minute Crunch? Yep! Good for you & good for us too! Well, we appreciate your noble thought of helping us & Minute Crunch community members like you. It will not take much time of you…

… If you simply share our content on your social media profiles, with your friends & family, by word of mouth, on your blog or whatever means you have, it would be of invaluable help to us, that we crave for. It will help this good initiative grow faster & further…

Minute Crunch & its community give you lot of stories, right? You can give back to the community by writing a few stories for us.

An ÁtopB initiative.

We are a proud initiative of ÁtopB – ‘A top Business’ concern working on ‘The Edge of Quality’ to ‘Excel the World’ with its initiatives & your support.

We are social.

[callout]We are where you are 🙂 & ♡ from Minute Crunch[/callout]

We know that you are using social media. Well, we too are social. Feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest.

In case we are not there on your favorite social platform, do let us know, we will consider building a profile there just for you.

What’s next?

Well, at Minute Crunch, we believe in keeping things short except our relationship with you! So, will not talk more about us. Be smartER & have a trip of Minute Crunch and you will know us better than ‘us explaining us’. If we missed something here, contact us. Would love to hear from you!

Thanks again for spending time with us. We appreciate your company!


Your friends at ÁtopB & Minute Crunch