Are you a selfie-addict? Beware!

Selfie taking can be hazardous to our health - WinfiY crunch

Selfie taking can be hazardous to our health and we are not joking here! Selfies are nothing but a way you use to “showcase yourself” and when you do that, your mind become too busy in that and we know our mind can do task-switching but not multi-tasking. While you take selfie, your mind becomes unconscious of the things around you (Have you ever noticed that?). That’s the reason we find people lost in themselves while taking selfie on stairs, in lift, on escalators and not where? Selfie took the life of a 66 year old woman after she slipped down the stairs while “taking selfie” at Taj Mahal. All we want to say is that “Be careful“! Selfie doesn’t worth your life.

References: Psychology Today, Minute Crunch, BBC.

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