Best time of the day to take a break!

Best time of the day to take a break - WinfiY crunch

It’s 02:55 p.m. to be exact. 02:55 is the least productive time of the day as per survey held in UK. Workers who were part of the survey made a brutal confession – at 02:55 p.m., they were most likely to be on social media (specially on Facebook & Twitter, of course) or planning their evenings (Hmm! Social Media & nightlife planning during office hours!). Well, we think it’s not bad as such surprising kinda mini-breaks give a boost to their productivity which is good for their employers. It’s also a fine work-life balance! By the way, Study has also found the most productive time – 10:26 a.m. (good!). So, smart choice: work hard at 10:26 & take break at 02:55! What do you think?

Source: Daily Mail, Fast Company.

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