Bombay to Mumbai – The Story Behind Change!

Bombay to Mumbai - The Story Behind Change - WinfiY crunch

Bal Thackeray, the Founder Leader of “Shiv Sena” (translation: “Army of Shivaji“) Political Party believed that “Bombay” was a corrupted English version of “Mumbai” and an unwanted legacy of British colonial rule. He wanted to change the city’s name to “Mumbai” to pay tribute to Hindu goddess “Mumbadevi” meaning “mother” in Marathi language to strengthen Marathi identity in the Maharashtra region. In 1995, when Shiv Sena won the elections in Maharashtra, his party anounced that the city’s name has been changed to “Mumbai” and now a resident of Mumbai is called “Mumbaikar“!

Source: Wikipedia, SLATE, British Library, Culture Trip.

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