Can Art Be A Good Way To Deal With Trauma & Depression?

Art Is A Good Way To Deal With Trauma & Depression - WinfiY crunch

Yes, art in form of drawing, painting, writing, designing, music, drama, dancing or even in the form of words (or any other form you can imagine) can be very effective in recovery from a trauma or difficult situation in life. In fact, it’s a recognized therapy & officially called ‘Art Therapy’. Art, especially drawing is very effective in recovery from a mental trauma as it lets you express your inner thoughts & emotions in a visual form, letting go your emotions and you feel instant relief in your mind. However, you need to keep one thing in mind – don’t show your art to everyone! Show it only to your trusted ones like your close-friends and family members. Reason is persons who are not aware about your ongoing therapy may act differently, may judge you inappropriately & may want to talk more about the issue than you do. Means everyone can’t understand your situation but the loved ones. Be careful. Be healthy. Wish you a very good life ahead…

Reference: The New York Times, Everyday Health, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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