Can Owls See In Daylight?

Owls Can See In Daylight - Minute Crunch

Yes. They can. Owls are blind during day – that’s only a misconception! In actual, Owls can see in day as well as at night. Yeah… at night, they can see more comfortably & efficiently than daytime. Let’s explore why…

Owls have large & tubular shaped eyes. Due to larger size, more light enters their eyes than required for visibility during daytime. To block the extra sunlight, owls close their eyes halfway or even more and looks like they are sleeping while in actual, they are awake & able to see.

So, that’s the truth about owls! Now, don’t say ever that owls can’t see in daylight. Owls can perfectly see in day & even better in night.

References: Journey North, The Petri Dish, Photo Thanks: Canva.

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