Coke, Pepsi & Your Health!

Coke & Pepsi Health Effects - WinfiY crunch

Coke, Pepsi & other sugar drinks seems refreshing, right? You are tired & a ‘Cold-Drink’ gives you instant relief! What about its health effects? Well, these drinks are loaded with caffeine which is not safe for children & for others, 400 milligrams of caffeine a day is considered as safe. Single drink contain caffeine from 32mg-42mg (but we consume other eatables & drinks like tea, coffee which also contains caffeine. So, mind your consumption as 400mg limit is total for a day)! Further, sugar (which causes obesity & diabetes) in such drinks is no less! Diet versions of Coke & Pepsi use artificial sweet-ners which are a source of kidney impairment. Due to high pH (‘potential of Hydrogen’) score, it’s acidic as well which harm bones! So much trouble! But still, these drinks can be enjoyed, though in a balanced manner. Given their disturbing health impact, lower the consumption, the better. A glass of water is much healthier!

Source: Telegraph, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, The Conversation, Minute Crunch, Photo Thanks: Flickr.

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