Country where WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (& lots more) are banned!

Country where WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube are Banned - WinfiY crunch

Well, it’s China. Due to extreme internet censorship in China (dubbed as “The Great Firewall of China”), more than 6 million websites & apps are blocked there. Most important blocks include some of your (& ours too!) favourite Social Media; sharing & messaging services like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, BlogSpot, Tumblr, XING, Vimeo, Dropbox etc. Even lots of news giants like TIME, The Economist, Reuters, Wall Street Journal are also banned (Earlier, The Independent, BBC were also in the list which are now relieved by China’s Great Firewall!). And Yeah…, one more thing! Facebook way back in 2008 & Google way back in 2014 were also blocked in China which are now (thankfully!) unblocked!

Source: Wikipedia.

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