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Depression – A Wake Up Call

Depression – A Wake Up Call

Depression - A Wake Up Call - WinfiY crunch

About 30 crore people are suffering from depression in the entire world. The number proves that depression has become a common problem. At worst, depression can lead to suicide. Each year, about 800,000 people lose their life to suicide & depression is major cause. Still, depression is considered as taboo & not many people dare to talk about it even if they are suffering mentally. Let’s make one thing clear. Like people have fever, cancer, diabetes & other diseases, people have depression too. It’s just another type of disease. If one has depression, it’s no fault of the person. So, if you feel low, loss of interest, inactivity, hopelessness & other depressive thoughts within you, ask for help. And if you find others in such situation, just ask to help them. We all are connected by the beautiful thread of humanity. Let’s not break it. And yeah… if you find people who have adverse attitude towards depressed, don’t forget to ask them for their mental checkup first! Let’s make a change by helping needy people & aim for a zero suicide!

Reference: WHO, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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