Do you know a tea-seller who makes INR 12 Lacs (or $18,500) a month? We Do!

Indian Tea seller who makes INR 12 Lacs or USD 18500 a month - WinfiY crunch

We are talking about ‘Navnath Yawle’ here who is the co-founder of ‘Yawle Tea House’ which is the most famous tea house in Pune & currently has 3 stalls in the city each employing around 12 employees. Not surprisingly, this tea giant needs 1,000 kilograms of Sugar & 300 kilograms of tea powder to serve around 120,000 cups of tea per month at a price of INR 10 per cup! Navnath finalized the tea quality for his stall after a research of 4 years & has great plans for taking his ‘Yawle Tea House’ brand at an international level with more than 100 outlets and creating employment with his flourishing tea business. Well Done Mr. Navnath. Congratulations & Good Luck for future!

Source: Condé Nast Traveler, ZEE news, The Economic Times.

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