Do You own Your Phone or Does Your Phone Own You?

Your Phone Needs A Break - Phone Life Balance Report by The Quint & Motorola - WinfiY crunch

Well, this is the question inspiring motorola’s phone-life balance survey. Survey results are out now and they are (not surprisingly!) shocking! 33% of the people prefer their smartphone over spending time with their loved ones! 53% confessed that their smartphone is their best friend (Now you need to think twice before relying on the person who says that you are his/ her best friend!). And yah, 61% people need help with their phone-life balance (Thanks! You are not alone!). Don’t worry. Motorola has also recommended an app called “SPACE” to help you improve your phone-life balance. It’s available on iPhone and Android. Tragedy is You need a “Smartphone App” to break your “Smartphone Addiction”! gosh!

Source: ET,,, The Quint, Motorola Phone-Life Balance Study Report.

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