Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

Does Coffee Cause Cancer - WinfiY crunch

You love coffee, right? Well, then this post is a must read for you and it’s great you are reading it. One National Cancer Institute (USA) study found that when coffee beans are roasted, one chemical called “Acrylamide” is formed (it’s the same chemical that is found in cigarette smoke!) that causes cancer! However as per WHO research, there are inadequate evidences to show that coffee drinking leads to formation of cancer. Anyways, that fact that “Acrylamide” is there in the coffee has lead one California Judge to pass a decision directing coffee sellers to post a warning about coffee’s cancer risk (something like this “Coffee Causes Cancer“)! What’s your reaction on this “strange” judgment? Do let us know 🙂

Source: Forbes,, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.


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