Don’t Be Lonely In Life. Here Is The Serious Why.

Don't be only as it can double chances of early dying - WinfiY crunch

Study found that ‘loneliness’ or ‘feeling lonely’ can increase the risk of dying early by 2 times. Further, it can increase the chances of anxiety & depression by 3 times and lead to unhappiness & lower quality of life. It’s worth knowing that ‘living lonely’ & ‘feeling lonely’ are different situations. ‘Feeling lonely’ means feeling of isolation & feeling disconnected from others, no matter whether you are living alone or with your family, honey & friends. So, if you feel lonely, don’t be discouraged & engage yourself in meaningful & enjoying group activities, volunteer for a good cause, mingle with your family & friends or just explore a hobby to keep yourself busy. It will make you feel much better & happier. No loneliness ahead 🙂

Source: The Hans India, Photo Thanks: Pexels.

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