‘Flippy’ – World’s First Robot that can help you make Burgers!

Flippy is World's First Robot that can help you make Burgers - WinfiY crunch

‘Flippy’, as its name suggest, is the World’s first robot that can assist Burger cooks in flipping Burgers. ‘Flippy’ has made its debut with CaliBurger’s Burger staff & can flip up-to 5 burgers per minute (good speed!). Considering its working capacity, we don’t think its cost of $60,000 is a big deal for Burger companies. Regarding threat to cook-jobs due to ‘Flippy’, its co-founder said that “Our mission is to improve working conditions of chefs and line cooks with assistants, not replace them“. The intention of ‘Flippy’ is really good. Let’s wish ‘Flippy’ Good Luck for its future đŸ™‚

Source: MISO ROBOTICS, Business Wire, Digital Trends.

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