Google is the “Man” who answers questions more than anyone else? But it’s not too much!

Google is the Man who answers questions more than anyone else But it is not much - WinfiY crunch

So, are you ready to know the answer? Well, answer is really huge! It’s 350 crores or 3.5 billion a day! Yes, 350 crores is the number of queries Google answers each day which comes to 40,000 queries per second, 2,400,000 queries per minute and 144,000,000 queries per hour. These statistics are mind-boggling and makes Google the most intelligent company on the planet. But wait! World population is 7.6 billion and Google search per day is 3.5 billion. That means there is just 0.46 (3.5 billion/ 7.6 billion) search query per person per day! Considering that we can say that Google has got lot more to do to reach Non-Google-rs!

Source: internet live stats, Wikipedia.

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