Google’s Self – Driving Bicycle In Netherlands!

Google Self-Driving Bicycle In Netherlands - WinfiY crunch

There is lot of buzz about self-driving cars but very few people know that Google has launched Self-Driving Bicycle in Netherlands way back in 2016! The self-driving bicycle has safe navigation throughout the city of Amsterdam (Google claims so!). Well, now you don’t have to pedal your bicycle as Google’s self-driving bike technology will do it for you (it will cut your cycling exercise & will make you more dumb! Not good for you!). Well, Google said it is making cycling (sorry! it’s auto-cycling!) Safer, Smarter & Easier! The cycle comes with additional features like with your smartphone, you can request the bike to pick you up. It also has a comfort mode to let you adjust the pedals at your choice comfort position as this cycle will go on without pedaling so pedals can be kept stick (too much comfort is dangerous!).

Source: Suggested by TarunYouTube.

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