Have Diabetes? Quit White Rice & Pick the Brown!

Have Diabetes - Quit White Rice & Pick the Brown - WinfiY crunch

Well, naturally rice is brown but it is processed to increase its shelf-life that makes it white! Such processing results in removal of nutrition, vitamins & minerals of brown rice! When compared to white rice, Brown rice offers higher amount of fiber, a nutrient  which lowers the risk of diabetes. Further, Brown rice has higher amount of nutrients like manganese, magnesium, selenium & collectively all these nutrients offer health benefits like constipation relief, energy production, protection from cancer, bone development, better immune system et cetera! Also, GI score (glycemic index score: represent the impact a food may have on blood sugar levels) of White rice is 72 while it’s 50 for Brown sugar. That means both types of rice can impact your sugar level adversely but White rice can increase your blood sugar quickly. So, if you have diabetes (we wish you a diabetes free life though!) & you want rice in your diet, switch to brown rice.

Source: healthline, Photo Thanks: Flickr.

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