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Hello Social Media Network - New Way To Connect With People - WinfiY crunch

Hello Network‘ is the new social networking app created by the same person who created Orkut! We found it promising & interestingly engaging! To sign-up, you need to select 5 passions (called personas) & Hello will create a customized feed for you. As of May 2018, the app has got about 2 lacs users and 1000s of communities (kinda groups revolving around similar interest). The app can help you to connect with people who share same interests as you do & this way, you can grow your personal & professional network. On commenting & liking others post, you are rewarded points & levels! We think, this is the major reason for a high conversation rate on the network. It also makes the app kinda addictive as everybody is busy in liking & commenting to grab more points & reach a higher level. Want more points, you can purchase them with in-app purchase! Your points can be redeemed to create a community, anonymously create a post or boost your post! And yeah… you can chat with people (that’s normal now!). Well, overall Hello is a great network & worth a try. Feel free to download the app & let us know your experience.

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