Hi Arya – Arya Robot That Can Make You Custom Tea Using AI!

Arya Robot That Can Make You Custom Tea Using AI - WinfiY crunch

Now you don’t have to drink that tasteless machine tea served in your office! Some talented guys from India have build a very interesting robot (& they call it ‘Arya‘) using AI & automation that can make tea for you based on your taste. The robot also works with Google Assistant. It’s the World’s First Robotic Tea Maker that uses fresh and real ingredients and your custom recipe. Just say Hi Arya, tell your preference and let it make your tea! It will make you a home like tea! You can see how your tea is being made by Arya with your smartphone or computer. Isn’t it amazing? In the coming days, you can expect to see Arya in malls, airports, cafes, kitchens, offices & not where!  Be sure to get one Arya for yourself! Well done Arya team! You made India proud.

Source: Hi Arya.

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