How ‘Apple’ was named ‘Apple’?

How Apple was named Apple - WinfiY crunch

You must have used an Apple product except if you are living under mountain rock! Are you curious about how “Apple” was named “Apple”? Well, way back in 1976, when Steve & Wozniak decided to start a company to do the computer business, they absolutely needed a business name. Coming back from Apple (fruit!) farm together, they came up with options like “Matrix“, “Executek“, “Personal Computers Inc” & finally Steve proposed “Apple Computer” justifying that it was fruitarian, sounded fun & it would appear ahead of “Atari” (Consumer Electronics & Video Game company) in the phone book! Steve told Wozniak that if they didn’t come up with a better name by next afternoon, they will stick to “Apple“. Rest is known, right?

Source: Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography.

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