How ‘Many’ Cups Of Coffee Can You Drink a Day?

How Many Cups Of Coffee Can You Drink a Day - WinfiY crunch

Coffee is the first morning drink of millions and about all of us love it! Some of us love it so much that we grasp it as much as we can without giving a thought about how much of it is appropriate? Well, Coffee contains caffeine which is not safe for children. 400 milligrams of caffeine a day is considered as safe & that quantity can serve up to 4 cups of coffee. So, don’t have more than 4 cups a day, subject to the condition that you are not consuming other caffeine eatables & drinks like tea, cola et cetera, else it may cause restlessness, sleep disorders, among other side effects. If you are more sensitive to caffeine, you may be willing to cut even on 4 cups!

Source: Mayo Clinic, Photo Thanks: Pexels.

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