How Memory Can Be Kept Young In Later Years of Life?

Rays Face Silhouette Thoughts Brain Construct Does
Rays Face Silhouette Thoughts Brain Construct Does

Older adults face mental issues like memory & judgment loss, decrease in the ability to think & remember (scientifically called ‘Dementia’). Who wants to face such situation? Well, none of us. Want a solution for yourself or your beloved elders! Well, studies have got it.It’s simple, natural & free! Just Keep Reading & Keep Playing. That’s it! It’s found that involvement in intellectual activities like reading books, newspapers, magazines & playing games like board games, card games (or any games involving use of intellect) can prevent Dementia. So, if you want a young brain in later years of life as well, make reading & playing a part of your life.

Source: Big Think, Wikipedia, Photo Thanks: Max Pixel.

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