How Much Do You Care About People Facing Same Struggles You Have Already Faced?

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You care less, at least than those who have not faced the same struggles. Research found that people who have faced certain hard situations in their life like bullying, unemployment et cetera are less compassionate towards other people in similar situations as compared to the people who have not faced such situations. The results are shocking & hard to believe but true. We frequently hear people saying that ‘I understand your situation. I’ve been there’. But the research outcomes are just opposite. You having been there doesn’t mean that you care as well. In fact, prior experiences of the similar stress reduce our emotions & empathy for similar situations & experiences of other people. What you think of yourself on the issue? We’d like to know, seriously! And yeah… we’d like to appeal you to please care about others. After all, we all are humans. #WeCare

Source: Curiosity, PsycNET, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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