How Much Do You Read Before Sharing? Let’s Check Your Smartness!

Social Media Sharing - WinfiY crunch
Social Media Sharing - WinfiY crunch

Now, sharing stuff on social media is part of our daily lives. From morning selfie to breakfast pics to Good Night post, people share ‘lots of things’ and lots of it is just a piece of shit! Sometimes, you share web content on your profiles just to prove that you are reading stuff on the web & you are not missing out, right? But wait for a second! Think how much of that stuff you actually read. Well, as per one study, it’s just 41%. Yep! About 51% links on social media are shared by users without even checking the content (for them just heading is sufficient to make the content share worthy). That’s where time goes. Instead of devoting your time to reading, you are ‘wasting’ it in sharing stuff that perhaps nobody is reading (after all, not many of us have huge following). Well, this leads to reduced information & is a signal of how dumb one can be! People feel that sharing is free. We’ll, it’s not as huge time cost is involved. Share 10 things and your 10-15 minutes are gone. Then you will look for how many likes, comments or retweets it has got – another time wasting factor. Smart people read more & share less on ‘social media’. Decide your category yourself!

Reference: Forbes, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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