How Our Jobs Are Actually Killing Us?

How Our Jobs Are Actually Killing Us - WinfiY crunch

For most of the people, Jobs are one of the most stressful things in life. People with jobs that needs high psychological demands have 50% higher chances of developing ‘Atrial Fibrillation’ which is the cause for 30% of the strokes. Our jobs & people we work with have great psychological impact on us & our workplace is one of the biggest source of stress. Stressful jobs, long working hours, huge screen time, layoffs, work-life imbalance: all its mean stressed heart & mind which causes chronic diseases. Well, we can dubbed it as ‘work-life imbalance’ & like there are laws on ‘Environment Protection’, there may be laws for ‘work-life balance’ as well! Isn’t it a good idea? Do let us know what you think? In the meantime, make sure to take care of yourself with meditation or yoga which can lower your stress levels.

Reference: Stanford, MarkiTech, Getting Real, DW, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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