How Sitting Cross Legged Impacts Your Personality & Health!

Thinking Office Contemplate Man Relax Cross Legs
Thinking Office Contemplate Man Relax Cross Legs

Body language is an important part of communication and it reflects upon who you are! How you sit have a deep influence on your personality. You must have seen people who frequently sit cross-legged, right? Why they sit that way? Well, It’s not natural & it means something about them. Sitting cross-legged is a learned behaviour related¬†to psychology & it’s something more than just improving your comfort level while relaxing your legs. Let’s know that psycho! Sitting cross-legged require more space than normal sitting & it makes you look bigger & powerful than others! People who have a dominating & more confident personality, tend to sit cross-legged. While confidence is good part of sitting this way, it is regarded as a bad posture due to it’s dominating nature. Further, cross-legged sitting for longer time can increase your blood pressure & is not healthy.¬† Our take: Avoid sitting cross-legged for a healthy posture & healthy life!

References: Best Life, The Conversation, Photo Thanks: Max Pixel.

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