How Swedish Spend Their Lunch Breaks Will Surprise You!

How Swedish Spend Their Lunch Breaks Will Surprise You - WinfiY crunch

In Sweden, people celebrate their lunch breaks partying! Yes. It’s true. That may be unusual for you but not for Swedish! After having lunch, Swedish hit the dance floor for a total of 60 minutes! The idea behind this unusual culture is scientific & makes perfect sense. Dancing exercise & distraction make people more enthusiastic & help them keep awake & energetic during post lunch working hours. So, if a coffee can’t do the job for you, adopt the new culture of “Lunch Disco” & feel a whole new energy when you return to your desk! One more thing… make sure that you do it Sweden way where drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden! Simple water, sandwiches & fruits are good options!

Source: Slate, DW, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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