How To Lie Believably!

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Well, you must be wondering about the title of this post, right? Let’s face the truth. We all come across situations when we just need to lie. But the problem is that not many people know how to lie believably & they get caught! Let’s learn the art! Firstly, be confident. In your lie, include some embarrassing detail that makes you look dumb & people will believe it readily as we don’t make fool out of ourselves! Don’t include other people in your lie as they may form a different story. Include believable facts in your lie & don’t exaggerate things! Be relaxed & calm. Don’t hesitate. Lastly be aware of your body language & look in the eyes of the person while lying (as shifting your eyes away from the listener is first sign of lying!). And yeah… you need to remember your lie in future as well to explain the situation if asked! So, telling lie believably is a complex process and is not advocated. Try to be truthful and avoid lies as long as you can!

Source: WikiHow, Photo Thanks: MaxPixel.

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