How TV Is Destroying our Children’s Life & What We Can Do To Cure It?

How TV Is Destroying our Children's Life & What We Can Do To Cure It - WinfiY crunch

TV has huge impact on all of us especially children & most of it is negative. Research has found that watching too much TV during childhood can lead to development of bad eating habits & poor health in teen years! We all love TV & so our children because it doesn’t require any mental or physical pressure & we just enjoy watching TV. More TV = Worst Eating Habits. TV can increase the consumption of snacks & drinks which is not healthy! Children who watch more TV tend to be more lazy as well. Recommended TV time for kids of age between 2-5 years is 1 hour (maximum). Also, we should take care of what our children are watching as what they consume on TV have a great impact on their mentality. Good content can infuse good thoughts in our children’s mind which can ensure a good future for everyone. So, make a TV plan for your children. Engage them in physical sports & other natural activities. It’s worth your time.

Further: NY Daily News, Photo Thanks: Flickr.

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