How ‘Zhou Qunfei’ made herself World’s richest self-made women?

Zhou Qunfei - WinfiY crunch
Zhou Qunfei - WinfiY crunch

Zhou Qunfei – the 48 year old Chinese woman entrepreneur who is the founder of “Lens Technology” has been ranked as richest self-made billionaire women in the world with a net worth of USD 9.8 billion. After dropping out of school at the age of 16, she became a migrant worker in a Chinese Special Economic Zone. Encouraged by her cousin, she founded Lens Technology (it makes watch lenses & mobile glass screens) with her savings of about $ 3000 way back in 1993 & run it from her apartment. In 2001, her company got its big break when it got a contract from TCL Corporation, a multinational electronic giant. Later on Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola became clients (among others), the company went public in 2015 and she became billionaire with net worth of about USD 10 billion. It’s great!(& we are eager to know & tell you more stories like this!).

Source: SCMP, BBC, Wikipedia.

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