India’s Holy River, Ganga’s water may make you sick!

India's Holy River Gangas water may make you sick - WinfiY crunch

Well, we are not sure if India’s Holy River, Ganga’s water can wash your sin (people believe so) but it’s certainly not fit for even your bath. Don’t even think to drink “Gangaajal” (as we call it religiously). What’s the reason? It’s Ganga’s water quality. Recent test has shown high level of toxic materials in Ganga’s water that are hazardous for health. Though few people may still drink “Gangaajal” & bath in it following their blind faith in the holy river but it’s risky. You may fall ill. Our take: Don’t follow blind faith. Avoid Gangaajal drinking/ bathing till Indian Government clean the river. And Yeah… we should not forget that we can also contribute to clean our river. Let’s take the initiative of not throwing waste in rivers & prevent other also from doing so since its not only GoI’s responsibility but our responsibility as well.

References: Times of India.

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