Introverts are neither rude nor shy!

Introvert versus shy versus rude - WinfiY crunch
Introvert versus shy versus rude - WinfiY crunch

Almost all of us consider introvert & shyness as the same things. Even Google shamelessly defines introvert as “a shy person“. But trust us, being an introvert doesn’t also mean being shy. You may be a “shy extrovert” or a “non-shy introvert“! If you’re afraid of people and you are anti-social, that means you are shy. But if you aren’t afraid of people and socialize with people even on selective basis but don’t want to be in large group, that makes you an introvert. Just because you are quiet, like spending time alone and feel uncomfortable in crowd doesn’t make you shy at all. So, never deem an introvert as shy!

Source: Quiet Revolution, Lifehack, Photo Thanks: Unsplash.

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