Is Chocolate Good For You?

Is Chocolate Good For Your Health heart & Life - WinfiY crunch

Chocolate is the only thing which is common favorite among children, youngsters, adults & elders! While love for chocolates is never ending and you would love to grab as many as possible but chocolates does have health consequences. So, how much chocolate can you have? Well, not too much! Chocolate contains sugar & cocoa ( a kind of bean) and too much of it can increase your weight & chances of diabetes and cause low Blood Pressure. At the same time,  if consumed in appropriate quantity, it can reduce the chances of heart attack, increase brain power with better blood flow & keep you in good mood. Eating about 3.5-7 ounces of chocolate (100-200 grams) divided in 2-3 times a day give the best results. So, enjoy chocolates but neither more, nor less!

Source: Daily Mail Online, Food Matters, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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