Is Internet Addictive? 

Internet addiction & Compulsive Internet Use - WIinfiY crunch
Internet addiction & Compulsive Internet Use - WIinfiY crunch

A big YES! It’s not only alcohol & drugs but internet as well which is “very-very” addictive! Well, internet is very useful & lots of people are learning new things & skills from it thriving in their career & life while others are using it just as a tool of fun! Don’t know in which category are you (hope in the first one!). Compulsive Internet Use (“CIU”) is the medical name for “internet addiction“. When you use internet and involves in activities like useless surfing, scrolling your Facebook Feed, playing that video game, useless chats with your so called online friends, you feel happy. People are getting attached to that feeling and just find themselves helpless to give their internet a break. If you are using internet more than needed & can’t stop yourself from wasting time on internet, seek help! It’s serious. Just Remember: Internet is like clay. Make a God or a Devil!

Source: Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery,  Psycom, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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