Is Wearing Glasses A Sign Of Intelligence?

Wearing Glasses Is A Sign Of Intelligence - WinfiY crunch

Yes, study proves that people who wear glasses are more intelligent! Research involving 3 lacs people found a positive relation between overall intelligence & wearing glasses. Glasses here mean actual computer glasses & not fake glasses. Using fake glasses to look smart or intelligent can be considered as a shameful & dishonest practice. Should you do that? We guess… no! But yes, if next time you find a person wearing computer glasses, you can make a conclusion that s/he is a little bit more intelligent! (Fun Fact: Wearing glasses, whether you need them or not, makes people think you are more intelligent! People who wear glasses are perceived as smarter, more diligent and honest. Should people use this trick for their career or just to impression other? Do let us know!)
Source: Nature Communications, Big Think, The Guardian, Photo Thanks: Pixnio.

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