Microsoft (Bill Gates) & Apple (Steve Jobs) Are Friends! Here Is Proof.

Microsoft (Bill Gates) & Apple (Steve Jobs) Are Friends - WinfiY crunch

Yes, that’s right! Though in media, the both companies (Apple & Microsoft) & these two tech legends (Steve Jobs & Bill Gates) are projected as rivals! The truth is both of them were good friends & the tech giants are supportive to each other. In 1997, Apple was facing really bad time. At that time the Apple’s valuation fell to $2.17 billion while the Microsoft was valued at whopping of $149.68 billion! Apple badly needed cash for survival. Bill Gates came to the rescue of Steve Jobs’ Apple & invested $150 million to protect Apple from bankruptcy. The deal helped Microsoft too in some ways but that’s not the point here. It’s not wrong to say that Microsoft literally saved Apple! That’s really inspiration for healthy competition & friendship!

Source: Republic, Photo Thanks: Flickr.

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