Most Interesting News App We Have Ever Seen!

Quartz is the Most Interesting News App We Have Ever Seen - WinfiY crunch

All news apps are almost same with a little different news. You install the app, create account, select topics and start reading, right? Well, we always look for something different & this time we were looking for some different kind of news app when we found the Quartz! It’s a news app which provides news in texting kind of form! Yes, texting. You can test the app for news about any topic you like and the app will reply with a return message! It’s interesting when you get news in such a joyful & innovative way on topics you really care about. It’s like you are having a conversation! This app reminds us of the Google Assistant which also provides similar news feature among other activities. But if you are a Quartz fan, the app is a must have. It’s also memory friendly since it’s very light-weight! Give it a try & do let us know your experience. And yeah… it’s not a sponsored posts. We are featuring this app because we liked it. For sponsored posts we give clear disclosure.

References: Photo Thanks: Quartz.

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