Most Popular & Most Visited City In The World!

Bangkok Is The Most Popular & Most Visited City In The World - WinfiY crunch

As per MasterCard report, Thailand’s Bangkok is the most popular city in the world! In 2016, 19.41 million people visited the city and in 2017, the number rose to 21.47 million!. The main reason for Bangkok’s number one position is its vibrant nightlife! With 19.88 million visitors in 2017, London managed to grab second position in the list of world’s most visited cities. Paris secured third rank (not bad!) while Dubai & Singapore holds 4th & 5th position respectively. (Fun Fact: while New York is the most photographed city in the world, it is not in the list of most visited city! Perhaps most of the New York photographs uploaded to Instagram are by NewYorkers themselves!)

Source: World Atlas, Mastercard Newsroom, Minute Crunch, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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