Music Is Infinite! But You Should Listen To ‘Non-Infinite Music’! Here Is Why.

Why You Should Listen To Less Music - WinfiY crunch
Why You Should Listen To Less Music - WinfiY crunch

We are yet to see an anomaly who don’t like music. People love music. Though everybody has his/her own taste of music but all like it. Increasing use of Smartphones and 24 hours availability of music streaming services & Apps has opened a wide music world for all of us. That’s good as well as bad at the same time. You can instantly play any track & you have literally crores of songs to choose from. You listen to same song or your favorites’ playlist again & again for hours. With that repetition, your mind gets used to that feeling and you even don’t know that you no longer have that pleasure of hearing to that song! So, in case of music, less is more & more is less! The less you listen, the more pleasure! The more you listen, the less pleasure! You decide what you want!

References: Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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