New York’s Unique Scent Issue!

New York’s Unique Scent Issue - WinfiY crunch
New York’s Unique Scent Issue - WinfiY crunch

New York is well known densely populated city & with millions of visitors exploring The Big Apple, dealing with Empire State’s garbage is definitely a daunting task! New Yorkers produce 12,000 tons of waste every day. To take it out of the city, diesel trucks carry garbage out of NYC 78 lac times each year. It’s the same as driving around the earth 312 times & it’s just for one city! For all of us, New York is the symbol of liberty, a city that never sleeps & the city of dreams but let’s face it, NYC does have a “foul scent”! BTW, do you have better way to deal with garbage? Do let us know.

Source: Business Insider, Pexels.

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