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Design a Simple Life‘ is the Slogan of NoSidebar.com – a website focused on minimalist lifestyle. In the hunt for more and more things in life, we start owning things that we don’t even need and the result is (in No Sidebar language): ‘All that stuff gets in the way of where we really want to go and who we really want to be … it’s time to make a change‘. Well, we agree with No Sidebar. The site has a lots of guest content focused on improving life & Minimalism lifestyle, written by people inspired by their real life experiences. If you want to live a more fulfilling, free, positive & intentional life, No Sidebar can help you a lot. If you are already a Minimalism devotee, look up No Sidebar just for inspiration & learn from people with diverse experiences. We think No Sidebar is one of the best website on Minimalist Lifestyle focused around digital, home, life, mind & work areas of our lives & we loved it. Feel free to visit No Sidebar (which has lots of white space & filled with positivity!). Wish you a happy visit!

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