Number of People Employed By The 2018’s Most Valuable Brands!

Employment by 2018 World's Most Valuable Brands - WinfiY crunch

As per ranking by global brand consultancy BrandZ, based on a combination of customer sentiment & financial performance, Google (#1), Apple (#2), Amazon (#3), Microsoft (#4), Tencent (#5) & Facebook (#6) are the 6 most valuable brands of 2018. Google employs 85,050 people, Apple employs 1,23,000, Amazon employs 5,66,000 people, Microsoft employs 1,24,000 people, Tencent employs 44,796 people and Facebook (the world’s largest social media network used by more than 220 crore people now) employs just 25,105 people. There is so much wealth created by these top 6 brands while the number of employees remains at such a low level considering the number of people using their products & services. Tencent & Facebook employment data is the most surprising. Given these figures, it’s no wonder, inequality will jump to the next level as the time passes by! What you think about it? Do, let us know.

Source: Minute Crunch, Statista, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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