Penguin : 7+ Facts You ‘May Or May Not’ Need To Know

Penguin Facts - WinfiY crunch
Penguin Facts - WinfiY crunch

#1 Penguins spend about 50% of their lives on land & 50% in the oceans #2 Penguins are birds but they can’t fly; they are flightless birds who lost their ability to fly through evolution #3Emperor Penguin’ is the largest type of penguin which on average is 3 feet 7 inch tall & weight about 35 kg whileLittle blue penguin’ is the smallest type of penguin which on average is just 16 inch tall & weight about 1 kg #4 25 April is celebrated as ‘World Penguin Day#5 ‘Gentto Penguin’ is the fastest penguin which can swim at a speed of 22 miles per hour #6 Penguin parents take care of their loved ones till they are strong enough to hunt for food on their own #7 While their ears are clearly visible but penguins have excellent hearing capability #8 Penguins have no fear of human beings & behave well with human tourists! Do you know more about them? Tell us!

Source: Wikipedia, Mental Floss, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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