Perfection Doesn’t Exist! Here Is Why?

Perfection does not exist as you always have a long way to go - WinfiY crunch

We hear a lot of times when somebody spit words like “Yes! It’s Perfect!” or people brand themselves like “I’m expert in….”.  Words like “Perfection” or “Expert” exist only in dictionary of people who are prisonors of their own prototype as Adam Grant said “Expert = prisoners of their prototype”. Do you think is there anything like “Perfection” or “Expert“?. Well, we think – “no”! Reason is: In life, we always have a long way to go! There is always ground for improvements & learning. If you believe that something is perfect, you have limited imagination. Everything can be improved if you work on that. Nothing is perfect since everything can be improved & nobody is expert since everybody keeps learning! What you say?

References: Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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