Rich People – Are They Smart or Are They Lucky?

Rich People - Hard Work or Good Luck - WinfiY crunch

You will be surprised to know that rich people’s luck plays more role in their success than their talent, work, determination & smartness and we are not saying it just like that! Mathematics has a proof! Average IQ is 100 and nobody has IQ of 1000 or 10,000. Some people work for average hours, others work less or more than that but nobody can work billion times more than any person, right? Further, richest are not extraordinary talented people by any measure but they do have billion times more wealth than most people! A complex computer model of human talent & opportunities based on analysis of lucky & unlucky events of individuals spread over 40 years found that most successful people are also the most luckiest ones. Now, Luck is a proven key determinant of success. Those who are wealthiest are most fortunate as well. But never forget that you can always build your fortune with your work. Although it will not guarantee the top position always but it can ensure your success in life. There is no substitute for work. Without work, no luck can work. So, keep working.

Source: Technology Review, big think, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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